IoT is all about enabling communication between everyday machines with other machines and to transmit messages over a network without or with least human interaction.

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again!”      – Bernard O’Brien.

We all know the impact of Internet on today’s world as knowledge is being exchanged at a brisk pace is epitome for that impact. But we have to realize the fact that IoT is going to overcome the phase of an internet. As we are aware of IP addresses shortage at the present situation. IPV4 addresses are now exhausting because of objects that are connected to the internet. Not only laptops and PC’s but also ATM’s, Mobiles, Smart refrigerators, Smart watches and much more. That is why IPV6 came into existence. Now we need to accept the impact of Internet of Things. “If the Internet is a seed sown then IoT is the fruit.”

Why IoT…?

For any device, data is necessary to take correct decisions as a human cannot physically available all the time. Now in order to read the data and to transmit data a device is required. We coined that device as IoT device. These devices make life smoother and comfortable. The way in which devices communicating and improving the scope of many fields in science dragged my attention towards Internet of Things. I do always appreciate the fact that I am being benefited due to IoT. It may be through ATM’s, Mobile devices and what not.

Which Domain…?

As IoT being vast it is difficult to choose the domain. But the situation that I faced in my past pulling me to choose Home Automation. When I leave out of the house, some questions like “did I close the door? Or did I turned off all devices? Or if any burglar enter my house?” grab my attention. Now I got a chance find a solution to all those questions. So, I would like to choose home automation as my domain and integrate both home security and home automation. Security system focuses on doors, windows, smoke detectors and thermostats as well. Home Automation is facing a lot of criticism like why to use IoT devices to turn off devices instead a sensor can be used to turn off when the room is empty. Looks like a valid point. So I would like to look around in which part of home automation gives the appropriate result for the amount person is spending on an IoT device.


Raspberry Pi-3: dsc_0002_1024x1024 1.2GHZ Quad core processor

1 GB memory

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled and can also establish a connection through wire using LAN port.

NodeMCU:                  mcuWi-Fi networking solution, allowing it to either host the application or to offload all Wi-Fi networking functions from another application processor.

IoT kit: A kit consisting of the sensors, servo motors, push buttons, controllers, photo resistors e.t.c.

I have ordered a kit through an amazon prime account and that have to be delivered by 30th Jan 1:00 pm. But it was not delivered due to the delivery person being a novice in our area. I got a call from amazon for asking landmark to reach me I said what they asked for and requested them to deliver by the end of the day as I have the assignment to do.