Firstly, we need to put heat sinks on the PI and then we need to put the PI in a transparent container which gives protection to PI from physical damage.


Hardware requirements:

1. SD card

2. Input devices(Mouse & Keyboard)

3. Output devices(HDMI enabled display)

Raspberry PI-3 Installation:


We need to put SD card in the slot provided as this card acts as hard-disk for the PI. So, we need to install OS in the card and SD card acts as a bootable device for the PI. Whenever we connect the power, OS will be loaded from the SD card itself.

Now we need to connect all the cables generally they are HDMI cable, Keyboard, Mouse on to the PI. After connecting all cables we need to switch on the PI by using a power cable.

OS installation:

When we turn on the display we can see an option Raspbian OS. By checking the box and clicking the install button on the top menu, installation starts. We need to make sure the type of keyboard is being i.e. US English or UK English.


installation starts…,fullsizerender-1

Debian is an operating system used in most of the computers from which most of the Raspbian packages are obtained.img_1175A Dialogue box prompts when installation gets over. And there you go with a UNIX based operating system and feels like you are using a PC with Linux operating system.fullsizerender-2


After installing OS, I tried to run some basic programs in python3 in order to know basic syntax in python3. For example, integer addition, checking control statements and some string operations. fullsizerender-3

Raspbian can be controlled through terminal. For example, shutdown now command will shut down the PI.