Purpose & Requirements Specification

Purpose: To alert the house owner on intrusion by balancing privacy and security in a home by monitoring only when required. This eventually preserves privacy.  The other component of the system collect Temperature and Humidity


  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Motion sensor
  3. Raspberry Pi camera
  4. Buzzer


On detecting motion when the security system is enabled alerts house owner by sending the images of the person. An additional feature can be imbibed by adding an alarm.


Process Specification:

Activity diagram for home automation system is as follows


When security system is turned on home automation system works as follows

  1. Recursively read data from a motion sensor.
  2. If the value is true then buzzer and camera will start working.
  3. Captured images will alert the user through email.

Domain Model Specification


IoT Level Specification

Home Automation system will follow IOT level 4 specification. Two system will be running parallelly. One is security system and the other is accident alerting system.


In the local environments, data collected from the sensors will be analyzed locally. But when the trigger happens like an unauthorized entry or hazardous situation in the home will update the database with the restricted entry in the cloud.